Want Your Music Career to the Top Fast?

What If Massive Funding Could Take You From Playing in Your Living Room to Your Dream Stage in Front of Your Dream Audience!

  •  What if you could confidently pitch high net worth investors?
  • What if you had a business plan template specifically tailored to music artists?
  • What if you had the right tools, the right connections, and some direction from someone who has connected artists like you to massive funding?

Learn How to Get Someone Else to Fund Your Next
Level Music Career

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How Has This Video Transformed Musicians Lives?


"I'm super stoked!"  - Carmeci

"I'm super stoked to find out Mark has put this course together to help people!  He's been helping me for years.  His wisdom and knowledge are priceless!"

"This Course Is Amazing!"  - Daniel

"...this course is not rocket science, its not hard to understand, Mark breaks it down, explains it so that I can implement it!!!"

"A Comprehensive Course" - Kairos

"It really preps you mentally for the business side of music... if you're a hard worker /  self starter you really can raise some money"

What's the Difference Between You Paying to Play at a Nightclub For 30 People... and Getting Paid Big Time With Your Great Music?

The Difference is Funding!

Proper funding allows you to create AND APPROPRIATELY PROMOTE your great music on the level that your talent warrants. Take your exposure to the next level, with real PR, real Marketing, awesome Music Videos, Tour Buy-ins, streaming and radio promotion, and so much more!  Learn how you can afford to scale up as a music artist!
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